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We’re proud to be a trusted and accredited online NHS pharmacy that provides patients with easy and convenient access to their regular prescriptions.

Supporting The NHS

The demand for repeat prescriptions is a telling indicator of the UK’s healthcare needs. In 2017, almost half of the UK population received a repeat prescription, costing the NHS about £8 billion each year. By offering NHS prescriptions online, e-Pharmacy helps support the NHS GP services in a few key ways: 

  • Our service reduces the amount of time GPs spend on repeat prescriptions requests and paperwork, freeing up time for doctors to see more patients. 
  • Our fast online service and delivery of medications directly to patients’ homes reduces unnecessary visits to surgeries just to collect repeat subscriptions. 
  • As an online pharmacy, we can help the NHS prescription system work more efficiently through digital processes and technology. 
  • By providing medications at the standard NHS prescription rate, we help patients stick to their prescribed treatments. 
  • By offering a completely free-of-charge delivery service, we can ensure our patients receive their medication on time and in the most convenient way. This saves queuing at the pharmacy and frees up community pharmacists to deal with more urgent health problems.  

The NHS deals with millions of prescription items every year, creating a huge administrative burden for GP practice. By streamlining the process and fulfilling repeat prescriptions online, we help minimise this workload for the GPs so they can better utilise their time caring for patients.

NHS Prescriptions

The NHS prescription service allows patients to obtain medications approved by their doctor at a standard cost. They are issued by a healthcare professional such as GPs, nurse, and pharmacists for treatments deemed clinically necessary. The NHS prescription means they only pay a standard fee per item as normal. 

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) 

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) allows healthcare professionals to send prescriptions electronically straight to the pharmacy of your choice. This makes the prescribing and dispensing process more efficient and convenient. You won’t need to pick up a paper prescription and take it to your nearest pharmacy. Instead, it’s all managed electronically. It can be used for one-off and repeat prescriptions, saving you both time and unnecessary journeys.  

Free NHS Prescriptions 

There are certain groups that are entitled to free prescriptions, and also those patients that are eligible to apply for an exemption certificate. This is based on several factors such as: age, income, tax credits, low income, and medical reasons. 

You can check your eligibility for free prescriptions using the online NHS checker. 

NHS Prescription Prepayment

If you regularly need NHS prescriptions, you can save yourself money by using an NHS prepayment certificate (PPC). This covers all your costs for medication for a set period (either three months or one year).  

If you’re prescribed two or more medicine each month, it could save you money. It’s essentially a ‘season ticket’ for your prescriptions. 

Prescription Costs

NHS prescriptions are issued by healthcare services providing NHS run services. There is a flat fee in place for all medicines prescribed on the NHS. This means that no matter what the price of an individual item, you’ll pay the same for every medicine available through the NHS. 

These charges are usually reviewed annual and are currently charged at £9.65 per prescribed item (as of April 2023). 

The Process

At e-Pharmacy, we dispense a wide range of medications, medical devices, and products via NHS prescription in line with NHS guidelines. If you have a valid NHS prescription issued by your doctor, you can order it through our website and have your medication delivered quickly to your home completely free-of-charge using tracked delivery. 

Getting Started 

The process in getting signed up is a simple one, and it only takes a few minutes! If you are registered with a GP surgery based in England, you can register with us. You’ll just need to provide us with your personal details, your GP surgery name and address, and your NHS number (if you know it but don’t worry if you don’t we can look this up ourselves).  

Once this is completed, we’ll match your details with the NHS database. If everything comes back fine, you’re ready to choose your preferences and place your first order! 

How It Works 

Ordering your prescribed medication through e-Pharmacy follows a simple process: 

  • Place your prescription order online with us. 
  • We’ll automatically send your prescription request to your GP for approval. 
  • Once approved, your prescription goes directly to our pharmacy team to check, dispense, and pack. 
  • We’ll use Royal Mail’s tracked service to deliver to your chosen address for free. 

It’s an easy, fuss-free way to have your prescribed treatments delivered to your door. Our pharmacy is GPhC registered, constantly delivering a high standard of service for our patients. We handle the dispensing and delivery, so you can focus on your health.

Infographic explaining how the NHS Prescriptions process works on e-Pharmacy


Our goal is to make it quick and convenient to order your NHS prescriptions online. By providing this service, we aim to support NHS GP surgeries, pharmacies, and most importantly, patients that require a reliable and convenient way to get their medications. 

If you require any additional information about e-Pharmacy or getting your NHS prescriptions conveniently getting delivered to an address of your choice, contact us at any time!