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Health Apps

The health app industry is currently expecting in boom in downloads and usage. By partnering with e-Pharmacy, our experts can embed our online prescribing and pharmacy services into your health app. This will ensure your app users can keep track of their fitness, any health-related issues or symptoms, have access to expert advice, and buy medication through your app, all at an affordable price.

88% of health apps used tracking identifiers and cookies to track user activities.

COVID-19 led to a 46% increase in health app downloads globally, due lockdowns and lack of access to gym and fitness facilities.

The health app market size is predicted to grow 17.7% between 2021 to 2028.

Sex Tech

The sex tech industry rapidly expanded last year due to the COVID-19 outbreak. With this growth slowing throughout 2021, and further projections assuming a similar decline in the next couple years, sex tech companies need to remain competitive. 


Alongside the increased importance and need for contraceptives, sex tech companies can remain competitive through a partnership with e-Pharmacy. This would ensure sex tech consumers can buy both their adult sex toys, and contraceptives, via the same platform.


Sex Toy market has seen an overall visibility decrease of -14% on search engines


Over 90% of women use contraception at some point, during their lifetime


Online retailer Cult Beauty saw a 61% increase in sex tech product sales from March 2020 to November 2020


Market Size of Gyms & Fitness Centres Industry.


Working out whilst ill is not a good idea, due to further health implications it may cause. Paired with the decline of the UK’s gyms and fitness industry in 2021, gyms need to remain competitive and offer further USPs to retain customers and profitability.

Through a partnership with e-Pharmacy, we can embed our online prescribing service into your gym app, allowing gym users access to expert advice on symptoms and health-related issues, as well as access to medication. In turn, a partnership will encourage healthy living, and people are more likely to go to the gym.



The COVID-19 pandemic emphasised the need for skin health. Through partnering with e-Pharmacy, cosmetic customers will easily be able to access online prescribing and pharmaceuticals through your app or website. Therefore, cosmetic customers can simply access treatments to skin conditions, such as Acne. In turn, customers will feel more confident in their skin, and buy more make-up and cosmetic products from your brand.

From 2017-2024 the industry is expected to have grown from £406 billion to £660 billion, which is a 62% increase!

There was a 23% organic & natural product growth in 2020.

Usage of face wash, micellar water and toner had risen overall 15% in 2020, as facial care and skin health becomes more important.

UK beauty industry sales slowed 5.7% from the start of 2020 to September 2020.

Dating Industry

The online dating industry is expected to expand year-on-year with more than 50% of relationships beginning online by 2035. Through partnering with e-Pharmacy, we can help dating users access contraceptives and STI medication at an affordable price, thus encouraging safe sex through your app.


By 2035, it is predicted more than 50% of relationships will begin online


Tinder is the most downloaded dating app globally, with over 6.5 million monthly downloads


32% of relationships between 2015 & 2019 started online

Smoking Cessation

Smoking Quitting Attempts

Smoking Cessation

With smoking being one of the biggest causes of death and illness in the UK, it is important smokers have easy & affordable access to pharmaceuticals to support them on their journey. Through partnership with e-Pharmacy, you can help support smokers on their journey to quitting, through easy access to expert advice and affordable online prescribing services.

Employee Packages

Employee Packages

With employee packages accounting for employee care and benefits, they should consider the health and safety of all employees. Due to the increasing employee absences being recorded in 2021, employees should have easy and affordable access to medication and online prescribing services. Through a partnership with e-Pharmacy, you can help support your employees and their health, thus minimising the length and risk of absence.

Since April 2020, COVID-19 accounted for 14% of all occurrences of sickness absence.

Homeworking appears to have helped reduce absence, with the UK sickness absence rate falling to 1.8% in 2020, which is the lowest level since 1995.

Overall sickness absence rate for England in June 2021 was 4.6%, which is a 0.3% from figures in May 2021, and 0.6% higher than June 2020.



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