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Echinacea Tablets
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Are Supplements?

Supplements, food supplements, dietary or nutritional supplements are additions to a healthy, balanced diet to help deliver a sufficient number of nutrients and vitamins. They can also help those with deficiencies such as Iron Deficiency Aneamia, and those who find it difficult to get the right amount of vitamins in their usual diet (for example a vegan diet where certain nutrients can be harder to find). Supplements can also be useful for pregnant women and those with folate absorption issues.

Who Can Take Supplements?

Most people can safely take food supplements, though they are not always necessary if you have a balanced, healthy diet. It’s important to remember that there is such a thing as too much, and having too much of a nutrient can lead to adverse effects. You should discuss taking supplements with your GP or healthcare professional before initiating treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects To Taking Supplements?

It will depend on the type of supplement you are taking and how much, if you have questions about the side effects of a specific mediation feel free to message our team or you can use our free Ask a Pharmacist service.

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