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Acnecide Gel
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I expect from an Acne consultation?

The acne consultation is an online questionnaire that allows you to provide comprehensive details about your current skin condition and medical history related to acne.

You’ll be asked to describe any previous acne treatments, medications you’re taking, any particular type of acne you’ve been diagnosed with alongside other things.

This information will be carefully reviewed by one of e-Surgery’s prescribers to determine the most appropriate acne treatment plan for your specific needs.

Why do I need to complete an Acne consultation?

An acne consultation is a crucial step in obtaining an effective prescription treatment for managing your acne.

By completing the online questionnaire, our prescribers can thoroughly evaluate your situation and ensure you receive the most suitable acne medication or other therapy to address your concerns and improve your skin’s condition.

How long will my Acne consultation take?

The acne consultation on the e-Surgery website is designed to be a streamlined process. You can typically complete the entire questionnaire in less than 2 minutes. The straightforward format allows you to efficiently provide the necessary medical information effortlessly.

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