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e-Pharmacy is committed to operating the business in sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. As an online pharmacy, we recognise that our operations have an impact on the environment, and we strive to reduce this impact wherever possible through eco-friendly operations.

Here, we’ll show off the various ways we are striving to operate sustainability across all areas of the business. This covers our packaging to our energy use to our prescribing process.  We’re continuously reviewing our practices and implement changes to be environmentally sustainable – aiming to deliver medications conveniently to your door with minimal environmental harm.

Our commitment to our patients as well as the planet are very important to us!

Our Commitment to Sustainability

In these increasingly busy times, more and more patients are now switch to online pharmacies. However, many pharmacies overlook their sustainability and create unnecessary waste with their operations. We know the importance of environmental protection and make changes to reduce our environmental impact.

Sustainability and environmental protection are one of our core values. We are committed to running our business in a responsible manner – this means continuously reviewing our practices and finding ways to be more eco-friendly.

Our commitment to the environment applies to all areas of e-Pharmacy. Some of the measures we are taking are:

  • No repackaging of medication. Some companies repackage generic medicines into their own fancy designs. We think this is just unnecessary waste! 
  • Utilising our novel paperless prescribing and dispensing software to eliminate waste. No more bags of prescriptions to dispose of!
  • Carefully monitoring our utility usage to minimise electricity and water waste.
  • Using solar power for as much of our business energy needs as possible (weather permitting of course). 
  • Avoid wasteful packaging in favour of simple, minimal designs that are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Promoting use of energy efficient transportation methods like walking, biking, carpooling and public transit.
  • Having a strict recycling policy in place for any waste we do generate.
  • Working with eco-conscious suppliers to improve environmental aims.
  • Continuously improving resource efficiency including energy, water, supplies.

As mentioned, we are constantly evaluating ourselves and taking steps to improve our sustainability. Our Environmental Policy guides our efforts, and we update it frequently as we adopt new eco-friendly practices.

Sustainability and environmental policy at e-Pharmacy

Recyclable & Sustainable Packaging

Our delivery is simple and convenient. No frills, no fuss, just secure packaging that is 100% recyclable. We also use brown cardboard for our packaging which requires less processing than other packaging. 

Unfortunately, wasteful packaging is too common in this industry, but we aim to be different – we don’t wrap anything in unnecessary plastic or repackage medication for no reason. 

Once finished with the medication we recommend recycling the cardboard containers and inserts like the patient information leaflets. If there is any leftover medication remaining, it’s best to bring it to your local pharmacy who can dispose of it properly or tell you how to dispose of it. 

Paperless Prescribing & Dispensing

A major issue in many pharmacies is the amount of paper waste – printing multiple sheets for each patient and drug. The NHS’s Electronic Prescription Service has also unintentionally increased paper use in some pharmacies. EPS tokens are still printed, often in numerous duplicates, which is then shredded or incinerated.  

We believe we can do better, so we’ve set up electronic prescribing and dispensing processes to minimise waste and overhead costs. Our aim is to achieve zero waste in our prescribing and dispensing process and committing to reducing waste across all operations. 


Achieving our sustainability goals does not mean sacrificing efficiency or convenience. In fact, our paperless systems and processes are not only more environmentally friendly, but also more streamlined and effective. 

We’ve used modern technology to move away from the outdated manual methods of prescription processing, and as a result have minimised waste and operate in an eco-conscious manner. 

As an online pharmacy, we can build an efficient operation from the ground up, and we believe integrating eco-friendly processes from day one creates a better experience for both patients and the environment. 

Reducing Carbon Footprint

A lot of travel is involved when picking up prescriptions in person, and as a result, it increases your carbon footprint. As an online service, we can deliver medications directly to patients’ doors, reducing the need for driving and transport emissions. 

The main way in which we reduce a patient’s carbon footprint is through our delivery service. Instead of having multiple cars on the road, one delivery van is enough to cover dozens of prescriptions for patients. Of course, our paperless pharmacy also goes a long way towards cutting down on our carbon footprint. 

We will continue to find ways to minimise our carbon footprint and improve sustainable operating practices without impacting the patients’ experience. 

An Overview

At e-Pharmacy, sustainability is a core value we take seriously. We continuously review our operations to find ways to be eco-friendly, like minimising packaging waste, reducing emissions, and switching to paperless processes. Our commitment ensures we provide excellent service to patients while caring for the environment.